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At North Harbour Women, we believe in the transformative power of football to uplift, inspire, and empower girls and women.


Our program is more than just a sports initiative; it's a vibrant community where players can discover their potential, build lifelong skills, and shine both on and off the field.

Our Mission

While many organizations often prioritize the club’s prestige over genuine development, we have returned to the fundamentals: focusing on the players themselves. Our priority is the real, tangible growth and well-being of each individual, ensuring authentic development over the superficial assertions of self-importance that you see everywhere nowadays.

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive environment where girls and women of all ages and abilities can thrive. Our mission is encapsulated in our name, and our commitment is to developing not just better football players, but confident and capable individuals.

SHE represents our dedication to girls and women through Support, Harmony, and Empowerment, while SHINES reflects our approach to football development through Skills, Heart, Innovation, Nurturing, Evolution, and Success.


Together, they represent our SHE SHINES program.

Our Core Values


Support: We foster a nurturing environment where every participant feels backed by her teammates, coaches, and community. We provide the resources and encouragement needed for each girl and woman to thrive both on and off the field.

Harmony: We promote a sense of unity and collaboration among all participants. Through teamwork and mutual respect, we create a positive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can work together towards common goals.

Empowerment: We are dedicated to empowering girls and women through football, helping them build confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills. Our program equips participants with the tools and mindset to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.



Skills: We focus on the development of technical and tactical football skills. Through comprehensive training programs, we ensure that each participant

improves her abilities, from basic techniques to advanced strategies.

Heart: We play with passion, dedication, and sportsmanship. Our program emphasizes the importance of playing with heart, showing determination, and maintaining a positive attitude, both in victory and defeat.

Innovation: We continually seek new and creative ways to enhance our program. By staying at the forefront of coaching techniques, sports science, and player development, we provide a modern and effective training environment.

Nurturing: We create a supportive space where players can grow and develop at their own pace. Our coaches and staff are committed to providing personalized attention and care to each participant, fostering their personal and athletic growth.

Evolution: We embrace change and encourage continuous improvement. Our program is designed to adapt and evolve, ensuring that we meet the changing needs of our participants and stay relevant in the dynamic world of football.

Success: We define success not only by wins on the field but also by personal growth and achievements off the field. Our program celebrates all forms of success, recognizing the hard work, perseverance, and accomplishments of our participants.

Our Journey

In 2020 Albany United and Greenhithe FC established North Harbour United with a clear purpose: to provide high-quality players with the resources they need for optimal development.

Mozamba focused then on creating a development pathway for female players, fostering a dedicated environment for their growth, and the SHE SHINES program started.

Over the past four years, via the SHE SHINES program, Mozamba has developed numerous players and teams, creating a strong foundation for girls and women in football in New Zealand.


Our efforts have not only nurtured local talent but have also established a reputation for excellence and empowerment.


Our membership, reflective of our community, is diverse and continually expanding.

Your Path to Professional Football


Whether you are new to football or looking to take your game to the next level, the SHE SHINES program delivered by North Harbour Women is here to support your journey. We invite you to become part of our community, where we celebrate every victory, big or small, and foster a spirit of continuous growth and success.


Also, we are excited to announce that the SHE SHINES program has caught the attention of various organizations overseas and is expanding its horizons through strategic partnerships with professional teams in Italy, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. These connections will open up new opportunities for our players, providing them with invaluable international exposure and experiences. Stay tuned for more information as we prepare to reveal the details of these exciting collaborations.

Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our programs, meet our teams, and discover how we can help you shine your brightest.
Together, we can create a future where every girl and woman has the opportunity to excel and achieve greatness through the beautiful game of football.

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